13 March Saturday 9.30 am – 14 March Sunday 5.00 pm.​


Folyondár Sports Center
Address: 1037 Budapest, Folyondár utca 15.
Further information about the location: Location. 

Registration fee: 7500 HUF

Children must be registered - there is no registration fee for children under 14 years and there is a 50% discount for children aged 14-17.


Everyone is asked to go to confession before the weekend, if necessary. We would like our participating priests to be free to receive and not to serve during the weekend. However, we do provide limited confession at certain times.


Both the hall of the event and the reception building, with coffee shop and the toilet are accessible for people with wheelchairs. The the passage between the two parts of the building is only accessible from the outside of the building. The approx. 7 meters level difference between the upper and lower parking lots can be overcome through the connecting road. Access for the disabled is provided by the door at the right of the lower entrance from the lower parking lot. The reception building is accessible from the upper parking lot level.

Children at the conference

Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare or children's program at the event, and parental responsibility is always a must. Baby changing facilities and baby feeding areas will be provided (there will be a microwave as well).


There is a very little food shop in the Sports Center. We also do recommend You bring your own food.