About the Community

Cor et Lumen Christi Community



The Cor et Lumen Christi Community was founded in 1990 in England. It is a contemplative and charismatic community with a Eucharistic heart. In addition to being recognized at diocesan level, it is also a full member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships, a Pontifical Association of Christ’s Faithful recognized by the Holy See.

The ministry on the five continents is not only accompanied by thousands of physical and spiritual healings, but also by repentance, by strengthening of faith, and by a deeper commitment of the believers to God and the Church.

The Community tries to fulfill its mission in three simple ways:

• Building praying communities around the Holy Eucharist, thus becoming a prophetic sign of the kingdom of God.
• To inspire, encourage, and empower people to live in intimate love with God and to realize their full baptismal heritage and Christian vocation through living in the Spirit.
• Identify, serve and share with the poor and needy.

More information can be found on the community's website: www.coretlumenchristi.org


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