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The word "conference" is tricky: it doesn't mean you have to listen to theoretical lectures all day long. Rather, this intense spiritual day is about a personal meeting, deep, life-changing experience with the living Jesus who heals, delivers, gives hope, renews, embraces and comforts us.

This experience is enhanced by inspirational teachings, worship, Holy Mass, Fire and Light Adoration, prayers for participants, prayer for miraculous healings ...
It is all about experiencing God's presence, embracing His unconditional love, taking possession of our entire Christian heritage through baptism and worship, so that we can testify of our joy in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is

Prayer for healing

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Fire&Light Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

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Powerful praise and worship

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Inspirational talks

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Source and summit: Celebration of the Eucharist



“Then, that evening, when Damian said: put up your hand so that your hand or arm should be healed, I forgot about my broken elbow. My friends told me to put up my hand. For a while, I didn’t feel anything during the prayer. At the end of the prayer I – sceptically - streched my arm - how far can I? I ‘tested’ God. And I did succeed - my arm could be streched again. On 19 November I went for a check-up - the doctor didn’t know anything about the things that happened to me on Saturday. He examined me, asked me to move my arm- streching, twisting, bending…. ‘It’s a miracle! A 6-week broken elbow can’t possibly work like this.’ I was smiling, and I knew how it was possible. I told him. He embraced me - because he is a believer, too.”

“I asked prayer because of a cist in my ovary, which had caused bleeding and pain for almost a year. … a few days later I had to go back to the clinic to get it checked. I was quite anxious, I was praying a lot and, to tell the truth, I was very desperate. While the doctor was examining me, he told me that everything was quite normal. ‘And the cist?’-I asked. ‘What cist? You haven’t got any cicts, forget about it. You’re going to be ok!’

“I must admit, that I was a bit sceptical about the heelings, until I witnessed that the shaking of a man who had the symptoms of Parkinson-disease stopped. I could see that the man and his family were also shocked by the change, you could see joy and surprise on them. We almost fell off the stalls by joy! Praise the Lord, and it was a good lesson for me, the unbeliever!”

“Around 2004 I dislocated my left shoulder, which was put back in the hospital, but they said it wouldn’t ever be the same again, it could be dislocated again any time because of the loose bands. During the next 10 years it was partially dislocated several times because of a sudden movement, then it went back, and even when I was sleeping I felt it dislocating. I couldn’t lay with my hands up behind my neck, because I felt my shoulder would be worse even because of the weight of my arms. I couldn’t swim backstroke. In 2014 I went to the “Healings, signs and wonders” conference by Damian Stayne, where, among others, we prayed for the joints of shoulders. I prayed with faith, and God was gracious and healed it. A year has passed, and I haven’t felt my shoulder about to dislocate, and I can even swim backstroke!”

“It’s been a year now that I went to the “Fire&Light” evening, where I experienced such a wonder, and for that I’ve been so thankful, that I just can’t keep it to myself. Exactly one year ago I went on the “Fire&Light”, after two spontaneous abortions and a diagnosis that I’ve had an infection, which can be cured with difficulties. But we wanted to give a little brother or sister to our daughter so much! So, I went to the prayer meeting with all this pain in my heart, that we may not have another child ever. To my surprise, interceeders came to pray for me, and they said, that Jesus wanted to give me a present, and I had to ask for something. Immediately, I thought to myself: ‘a healthy brother or sister for Boróka’s 4th birthday.’

After the prayer meeting I was healed from the infection, after a month I got pregnant, and 10 month after the F&L Sára was born on the 4th birthday of Boró. so, both of my daughters were born on 23 November, although the bigger one was due on 25 November, and Sára on 17 November. Sára (like her sister) is healthy and beautiful. She is 2 month old today. Praise the Lord!”

“I’ve got a lot of mercy. My life’s changed in a lot of things in positive ways. I couldn’t stop writing about the things that I’ve experienced.”

“I felt FIRE in my heart. After I came home, for a week I felt like living in another world. I hardly could concentrate on my tasks at my workplace, because my heart was full of adoration, fire and praise.”

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